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About this course

We're invested in your success, which is why this course covers everything you need to know about Pandora Modeling.

In this course, you'll learn what's required to join Pandora Modeling; what we look for in candidates, and what we expect from new models. We'll also walk you through the essential procedures of your first few days, weeks, and months of webcam modeling. We'll give you the step by step strategies that in the early days proved to be the make or break moves for many of our top models. 

Table of contents

Lesson 1: 

Lesson 2: Requirements Gathering: What Does It Take To Succeed?

Lesson 3: Onboard: How To Become A Pandora Webcam Model.

Lesson 4: The 25 Rules Every New Webcam Model Must Follow, Or Else.

Lesson 5: Day 1. Day 30. Day 300.

Lesson 6: Social Animal | How To Own Your Audience.

Lesson 7: Get To Know The Platform. Working on Flirt4Free.