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Please check your email for a confirmation email from us. All we need you to do is open it and click the confirmation link within it to ensure we have your permission for us to send you your private estimate by email.

Your form submitted and is now in our inbox. We will process it as fast as we possibly can, usually within a few hours. We’ll check out your Instagram pictures to get a sense of how you look and then we’ll email you our estimate. The email will come from support@pandoramodeling.com. If you haven’t received an email from us within 24 hours, please check your spam folder.

If your Instagram is private, or you don’t think you have good enough photos on your Instagram for us to be able to make a good determination, feel free to email us any additional photos or videos that you want us to use at the same email address, support@pandoramodeling.com.

Please understand that an estimate from us is not in any way a guarantee of the earnings you will receive should you choose to join Pandora. It is simply our best guess, based on our professional experience, of the likely range we think would be realistic for you to earn. Pictures only tell us so much.

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Jordan Laubaugh
Founder, Pandora Modeling