Chapter List

  1. Maximum Depravity. BDSM and Edge play on cam.

  2. Role Play Fetishes.

  3. Head To Toe. Understanding body part fetishes.

  4. Findom. A guide to financial domination.

  5. Cuckolding & Infidelity Fetishes.

  6. Everything Fetish.

Role Play

Role play fetishes are the foundation of the cam world. Everything we do is pretend, it’s play, it’s creating and indulging fantasies interactively with customers. Two real people pretending to be fake people pretending to be real people.

You are always playing the role of performer and the customer is always playing the role of customer. That’s enforced by the structure of the site. Past that, everything is negotiable. So let’s negotiate the limitless world of role playing.

Character-Driven role playing

Cowboys and Indians (native Americans).

Cops and robbers.

Princes and princesses.

Most of us engaged in some form of role playing back when we were children, when we felt more free, before the world systematically destroyed our playfulness and turned us into jaded adults desperately trying to overcome our lingering childhood trauma.

Camming presents the opportunity to reengage, to play dress up, to make believe.

At Pandora, we take this very seriously.