Chapter List

  1. Maximum Depravity. BDSM and Edge play on cam.

  2. Role Play Fetishes.

  3. Head To Toe. Understanding body part fetishes.

  4. Findom. A guide to financial domination.

  5. Cuckolding & Infidelity Fetishes.

  6. Everything Fetish.

Maximum Depravity: The Deep Dark World Of Fetish Cams.

There are no shortage of wonderful “introduction to fetish” or “introduction to kink” guides and articles available online. This is not one of them.

In this section, we’re going to cover a variety of fetishes in extreme detail. It will be uncomfortable for some people at some points. We do not represent or speak for any fetish communities, the views we’re espousing here are specific to the expression of fetishes that we’ve experienced in a live chat cam environment. The virtual constraint of camming leads to a unique and interesting form of fetish expression. We will do our best to accurately represent that, to excite and inspire cam models who are interested in attracting more fetish activity in their paid shows.

Fetishes, in our view, are one of the biggest open secrets of the cam world. One question almost every prospective model asks us is, “what do I have to do on cam?” They want to know what happens in the shows, what is required, whether they are agreeing to do something they are uncomfortable with by becoming a cam model.

The common understanding that most people have is the general “sex cams” concept. That to be a cam model means getting naked in front of your computer and masturbating. Some cam sites base their entire branding around that concept, which we think is foolish. In reality, yes, a lot of models do a lot of shows where if an AI bot was scanning the imagery to come up with a description, it could be called, “getting naked and masturbating.” But this is far from 100% of shows.

What makes us crazy is that from everything we’ve seen, it seems like the model’s beliefs about camming ultimately dictate a lot of the shows they get. If you believe that private shows involve getting naked and masturbating, you’re going to lead every show into that, even if only subconsciously.

Most customers do not have a set show that they want to see. Even customers with specific fetishes, as we’re about to explore, rarely have a script they want a model to follow to a tee (script-based private shows are a different fetish).

The way things actually work is that models, through conversation, discover what customers want, often without the customer explicitly stating it, ever. If you have a belief that what any real customer wants is to see you get naked and masturbate, you screen for that. As a result, you lose all of the shows that aren’t that.

Adaptable, open minded performers who are good at this attract a lot wider variety of customers and a lot more spending. The majority of these additional shows are fetish shows. Enter, Maximum Depravity.

Maximum Depravity

The term maximum depravity is something we came up with with a handful of specific customers in mind. What we are attempting to describe when we say maximum depravity are those special customers whose preference in show is for the model to do things as hard as possible, as extreme as possible, as dark as possible, and to push the limits constantly.

There isn’t a specific fetish in which this expresses and it’s not simply that the more extreme fetishes find it happening. Most people consider foot fetishes to be a rather tame fetish, it’s non intercourse, non nude, and most shows involve nothing more than looking at feet. OK. So where we see maximum depravity come in with foot fetishes would generally be things like foot worship or foot pain based role play.

If you are able to, consider the moment during regular sexual intercourse where you pass the point of no return for orgasm. There is a physiological and psychological shift that occurs right in that moment, you can feel it, you know it happens.

This shift, this triggering event, this feeling in the gut, this is what we want to cause. Fetishes trigger that feeling for some people.

Often, when we think of a customer as maximum depravity, their fetish interests are a wide and growing list. They are fetish connoisseurs. They want to discover. They are creative.

We think that’s a great ethos for performers to think about. You should see yourself as the erotic tour guide for your customers. The broader your capabilities with fetishes are, the more customers you attract.

A lot of models naturally take a “go along to get along” strategy with fetishes. “Oh, you like feet? Cool, yeah, we can do that.” That’s not bad, but we like to think about taking it to another level. Not just reactively being open to fetishes, but proactively seeking them out, discovering them, and incorporating them into what you do on cam. Getting weird on purpose.

The Kink Spectrum

We think it’s helpful to imagine a kink spectrum, similar to the political spectrum. On one end, let’s call it the far right of the spectrum, you have hardcore, extreme, dark, BDSM fetish: think suspension + cock and ball torture. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the most extreme versions of softcore fetishes: think hand holding fetishes or cuddling fetishes. In the middle you have vanilla normalcy.

While this is purely a construct it’s helpful for applying some kind of logic to what goes on with fetish performances. It can make sense of a lot of the misfires that happen. Are you naturally drawn to the dark side of kink? If so, it’s going to be tough to vibe with vanilla customers. Are you naturally pretty normal and not into any weird sex stuff? If so, you are probably going to be freaked out when someone tries to do a hardcore show with you.

We take the view that everything is kink, everything is fetish. We think that the standard get naked and masturbate show types are a form of fetish. We think of people who exclusively like heterosexual vaginal intercourse in missionary position between consenting adults as hetero-normative-vaginal-missionary fetishists. Whatever someone is into, whatever does it for them, that’s their kink.

The goal is not to get anyone to move from their natural location on the spectrum. We don’t want to encourage non-kink performers to become devotees of devoteeism (sexual attraction to disabilities). You do you. Instead, our hope is that wherever you find yourself on the kink spectrum naturally, you find your way to having the best possible experience at that level. If you want to do vanilla shows, we want to help you do the most epic vanilla shows possible. If you want guys to abuse themselves for your entertainment while paying you, we have a program for that too.

Put together your own “do not want” list. List out everything you are unwilling to do on cam. Then spend your entire career not doing those things.

Anal is something that comes up a lot. People ask us all the time if they are going to make less money if they’re unwilling to do anal. To us, this is a bit like being asked by an aspiring restaurateur if they will make less money if they don’t sell Italian food. I mean… We’re like…. I guess you won’t get a lot of customers coming in for Italian food if you don’t sell Italian food, but like, there’s a lot of other food to sell.

And also, Italian food is a super broad category. What do you mean when you say you won’t sell Italian food? Do you mean no pasta, no garlic, no olive oil? With anal, do you me putting things in your ass, having your ass looked at, talked about, worshiped, is the entire back side of your body a strict no go zone?

To be clear, there are no wrong answers. But with a no list, it helps to be specific. For most people there are categories that they are a hard no on, then there are a categories that have some restrictions, and then there are categories that are all good.

Examples of common categories that a lot of performers are hard no’s on:

  • Age play: Role playing that either you or the customer is under the age of 18. From role playing being a baby and wearing diapers to pretending to be a child with a babysitter, all the way to pretending to be a high school student with the customer as the teacher, coach, administrator, etc.

  • Scat: Fetishes involving urinating or defecating and or doing things with excrement.

  • Rape fantasy fetish. A self explanatory role play of a rape scenario.

  • Discriminatory fetishes: Things like race-based role plays (customers wanting to be called racial slurs and degraded or vice versa).

  • Incest fetishes.

Almost every other category that we could come up with would see most performers having some level of restriction, that is the norm.

Examples of common categories that a lot of performers express no limits on:

  • Talking fetish. Sitting fully clothed in a paid private show talking about basically anything for a long time.

  • Napping fetish. Customers paying you to take naps in private.

  • Clothing fetishes. Customers paying you to wear different outfits or different types of clothing.

  • Video game fetishes. Customers taking you private to play video games with you.

Those are all real things by the way.

So what’s going to happen if you don’t want to do anal? Nothing. Some people are into anal, some aren’t. Some models do anal, some don’t. Some of our top performers do anal, some don’t. We can’t see at all that it affects long term earnings whatsoever. No one is making $80k/year instead of $90k because they don’t do anal.

The Problem For Never nudes

We get asked a lot whether nudity is required. If someone wants to cam but doesn’t want to get naked, can they still make money? This is a good topic to cover under maximum depravity, as illuminating that should inform how the general analysis of specific performance types goes.

If we estimated that you would make $40-60/hr as a cam model, that estimate presumes “general performance capability” Meaning that you will do some things, not that you will do everything. We include nudity under general performance capabilities.

So, let’s say that you remove that. No nudity allowed. You will do shows, but none that involve you getting naked. Where does that leave us?

First, your estimate doesn’t become $0/hr. It does go down a lot though. Broadly speaking, the demand for non-nude performers is a lot smaller than the demand for performers who are willing to be naked.

Being a never nude means that you are going to log in, be in your open chat, and turn down at least 90% of the show requests from customers. It’s hard not to lose money when you do that. To make up for it, you would need to be so good at converting the other 10% of customers who’s show desires don’t involve nudity.

Here’s the catch, as we see it. Those other 10% of customers are made up predominantly of fetish customers. Fetish customers are often more extreme and emotionally challenging than “vanilla sex show” customers. They require more creativity, more open mindedness, more of an adventurous erotic spirit to satisfy them. It is rare for a never nude to have those qualities. Thus, we don’t see never nudes being exceptionally talented at converting fetish customers. Rather, we see them being less talented in general. Most people who want to be never nudes are just turned off by the whole idea of working in the erotic arts, but want to find a way to get money while doing as little as possible. That’s just not a combination of qualities that excites customers.

The main exception to that rule is performers coming from a fetish background, who are bringing a specific fetish concept to their performance that doesn’t involve nudity. You’re still discounting the 90% of the mainstream audience, but fetish is a big enough niche that talented fetish performers can make it work while excluding that audience. It’s definitely harder, but some people like it harder.

So, are there performers in the cam world who never get naked and are successful top models? Yes, but they are a rare breed. We’d generally advise people to just become an A-list Hollywood actor or eccentric tech billionaire instead, as the chances of success are comparable and you end up making more money if you pull off one of those.

We think the larger issue with many people evaluating camming for the first time isn’t as much to do with nudity as it is to do with control. They are curious to try it out but they don’t want to be committed to doing anything they don’t want to do, they don’t want to be taken advantage of, they don’t want to be made uncomfortable, or exposed. That makes perfect sense. And conveniently, the structure of camming means you’re quite safe, sitting alone at home.

We tell people to take things at their own pace. If you’re shy about nudity or graphic sexual performance, don’t jump right into doing those. Hold back, talk to customers, explain your position on it. Spend a few days or weeks just being online, interacting with the site, get yourself familiar with the environment of camming, and then decide what works for you.

That advice for never nudes applies perfectly well for all fetishes. Peak in the window, read about it, ask people who are into it what it’s like, and see if you can get yourself there. If you can’t, don’t. Most of camming is just talking about stuff. If you can do that, you’re going to have a shot at doing well.

Owning Your Kink

This is one of those great situations where our own profit motives align well with solid ethical behavior.

If you are uncomfortable on cam, you quit. End of story.

If you figure out how to cam in a way that excites you, that is fun, that you look forward to, you don’t quit. We only make money when models make money, so this whole not quitting thing actually impacts our bottom line quite a lot.

Camming is a rare form of work where you get paid to explore your erotic side, to indulge your own fantasies, to take sex, sexuality, kink, fantasy, and relationships and think a lot and turn them into a vocation.

Customers want you to express yourself and to be a safe space for them to express themselves. The anonymity helps both of you to do that. The rest falls onto you. Can you be the person that people fantasize about, objectify, obsess over, and fall in love with? Can you encourage and nurture those feelings and that expressions from customers?

If you can, you win.