Chapter List

  1. Fanbase: How to Build a Really Big Audience.

  2. Demographics: Understanding Where the Customers Come From.

  3. Psychographics: Understanding Who the Customers Really Are.

  4. Real Talk: Why Customers Spend Any Money.

  5. Impulse: Why Customers Spend More Money.

  6. Heartbreak: Dealing With Losing Customers.

  7. Expression: What Customers Need From You.

How to become a webcam model.

In this section, we’re going to cover everything you need to know to become a webcam model at Pandora. We will cover every detail step-by-step from you reading this article right now, to you successfully completing your first broadcast.

The first step, which you can do right now if you haven’t already, is to submit our model intake form. This form securely collects the information that we need in order to set up your account and get you started. Becoming a webcam model is a little bit more involved than setting up a Twitter account. We have to conduct age verification on everyone to ensure that you’re at least 18 years old; this means ID checks. We have to create a new identity for you (your stage name) and complete documentation to record the stage name’s association with your real identity. Only after that’s all verified by our network are we able to give you access to your profile so that you can log in and start broadcasting.

If you’re eager to get started, we recommend you submit the intake form now, as this process can take several hours. Please, for the love of everything, choose a real-sounding stage name so that we don’t have to email you to ask you to choose a new real-sounding stage name.

Once we receive your intake form, if everything was submitted properly, we’ll request the stage name, and if it’s available we’ll attempt to create your account and begin the ID verification. As long as that’s successful, we’ll then send you a 2257 form from the network to e-sign. Once your 2257 has been signed, a final verification takes places by the network, just a document check, and your account gets approved.

We’ll then send you your account information, login credentials, and a bunch of content that hopes to convince you to log in and complete your first broadcast.