Chapter List

  1. Adult Video Chat. What It Is.

  2. Cam Models. The People Who Do It.

  3. Customers: The People Who Pay For It.

  4. Legality Around The World.

  5. How Cam Sites Work.

  6. Things New Models Need to Beware Of.

  7. Why Cam?

Cam Models. The People You See On Cam.

If you’re cool, then cam models are people exactly like you.

One of the main distinctions for performers who cam compared to mainstream (sex scene production) pornography comes down to identity. The vast majority of cam models do not identify in public as cam models. For many people, it’s a part-time, once in a while thing they do to make money. Or it’s a side hustle to their main job to help improve their income.

Even the individuals who cam full-time and make a ton of money rarely introduce themselves as cam models, or think of themselves as different than they were prior to starting to cam. Camming is often just a thing someone tries once to make some money and, if they make money, sometimes they continue doing it. Eventually they stop doing it and life continues.

Cam models are students, teachers, parents, children (adult children of their respective parents), Uber drivers, travelers, and entrepreneurs. They’re everyone.

Demographics of cam models


The demographic of male performers normally ranges from ages 18-30, with a small minority of successful male performers over the age of 30. Throughout the industry, the ethnicity of male performers trends towards white and Latino, with black being the 3rd largest for males. The primary cause of that has little to do with the consumer demand and is instead due to the massive popularity of camming in South America and Eastern Europe.

Note: The following information is specific to Pandora and is entirely anecdotal. We do not do any demographic tracking of models beyond age and gender identity. Percentages are estimates based on our experience with thousands of models.

Pandora, being an American company that represents American models, experiences demographics that are on par with the national demographics. Our male performer base is a mix of white, black, Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern, that is roughly in line with the ethnic distribution of the population of the United States.

We see a similar distribution in sexual orientation. The overwhelming majority of our male performers identify as heterosexual, with a 5-10% minority of gay or bisexual identifying performers.

The criteria we use for evaluating male performers are primarily body type and subjective physical attractiveness. The largest category of males (both what most of our male performers fall into and where the largest demand is from customers) is an athletic/jock/physically fit/muscular guy who is attractive.

The second largest category are people who fit the description of twinks: thin, small-framed, younger looking guys. While there are similar levels of demand from customers for twinks, we simply get less applications from guys who fall into this category, and subsequently see fewer on the site.

The third category we tend to consider are guys who are in regular physical shape, with an average body type, and above average subjective looks.

None of those are categories we impose. They are simply the outcomes we have seen by trying to make sense of our sales figures for guys.

We can never mention too often that the customer demographics for male models are almost exclusively gay or bisexual men.


The demographics of our female performers show a wider age range: from 18-45, with a few outliers of successful female performers older than 45.

Throughout the industry, the ethnicity of female performers skews white, followed by Latina, black, and Asian.

The predominance of white/Latina female performers is similarly due to the popularity of camming in South America and Eastern Europe and the demographics of those countries.

Asian female performers on mainstream sites tend to come from either the US/Canada or Southeast Asia. The prevalence of camming in Southeast Asia accounts for there being slightly higher numbers of Asian female performers than black.

There is an exception for Japan. Japan has a huge, but insular, cam industry. It comprises Japanese performers and Japanese customers, operating in the Japanese language.

Most black performers are American or Canadian, with small minority of performers in the Caribbean or South America. There is not a robust camming industry in continental Africa yet to our knowledge.

In Pandora, again, our female performer demographics track closely to the national demographics of America, with white performers being the largest demographic and then black and Latina performers being the next two largest demographics, followed by performers of Asian, Middle Eastern, or Indian descent.

The physical categorizations of female performers are more difficult to specify. There is a much greater diversity in body types among female performers when compared to males. Frankly, we don’t even try to categorize female performers by body type.

With male models, for many, many, guys more muscle definition is viewed as a positive from customers and translates into more sales. No part of the female anatomy works the same way. Consider something like breast size, which a lot of people think is paramount. We can conclusively say that it doesn’t matter at all for cam models. Some girls have larger breasts and use them to attract attention and generate sales. Some girls have very small breasts and attract customers for a different reason.

The only universal discrimination from customers are performers with excess abdominal fat. While BBW for females and Chubby for guys are niches, they are very niche. Customer demand for heavier set models is generally low.

Trans & Non-Binary

There has been a surge in demand for trans performers over the past few years - primarily, post-operative mtf trans performers. Both ftm trans and non-binary performers have yet to experience mainstream success on cam sites.

Trans rights have become a mainstream cultural issue in the United States over the past few years and the broader curiosity of the public has been reflected on cam sites.

While the demand has surged, that is a surge from relative obscurity before. It is only in recent history that any sites changed their categories from male | female | shemales to male | female | trans. And even more recent that mtf trans performers were given access to appear in the female section. To their credit, Flirt4Free was the first cam site to make that change for trans performers.

Multiple Performer Shows

There are several things to consider with cam shows that feature multiple performers.

The first consideration is that the show rates for a two person show tend to be comparable to a solo show, as does the demand. Thus, two performers often end up splitting as much money per hour as they would have each made solo. For that reason, we tend to discourage duo shows for most people.

The most common request we get from performers is for a heterosexual couple to perform together, often boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. There is a demand for this type of show, but it’s extremely niche. The audience for male performers is gay men, they aren’t generally aroused by viewing heterosexual intercourse. The audience for female performers on cam sites are often guys who want to picture themselves, not some other guy, being with the model. So the remaining audience for male/female duo shows are cuckolds, impersonal voyeur customers who just want to observe sex happening, and various fetish customers for whom having two performers is better than one (BDSM restraints, etc).

Male/female shows are thus high-risk. Both solo performers risk alienating their core audience in exchange for a much smaller, lower-spending, high turnover audience that will watch them together. Financially, it tends to be a bad move.

Same-sex duo shows are in very high demand, with the highest demand being for male duo shows. We regularly see male duo shows sufficiently outperform each performer’s solo activity to make it make financial sense - i.e., two male performers who make $50/hr solo, together can make $200/hr ($100/hr each) during duo shows.

Female duo shows are also in high demand, but with a lot more variety in results than male duo shows. Often the most successful female duo shows occur when two popular female models team up for a promoted show together, which is typically short term, and very popular.

We do not arrange duo shows between models. Models make their own arrangements, let us know, and then we set up the account accordingly for them with the network. We don’t introduce models to each other to do duo shows. We don’t recommend any models to duo shows. We don’t allow anyone to solicit our models for duo shows.

End of chapter.