Chapter List

  1. Adult Video Chat. What It Is.

  2. Cam Models. The People Who Do It.

  3. Customers: The People Who Pay For It.

  4. Legality Around The World.

  5. How Cam Sites Work.

  6. Things New Models Need to Beware Of.

  7. Why Cam?

Adult Video Chat: What is it?

Hardcore graphic pornography.

One of the most common questions that we get from people considering becoming a cam model is whether or not it constitutes pornography.

The short answer is, “generally speaking, yes.” The cam industry is a part of the broader porn industry. Most cam sites identify as pornographic productions. Most cam performers identify as porn performers.

The word pornography is tricky. In the USA - where we are based - pornography is considered to be sexually explicit imagery where the primary purposes is designed to cause sexual arousal. In reality, this is the purpose of a lot of camming. It’s what happens in a lot of “cam shows” and it’s how camming is generally marketed to customers, as “live sex cams.” Customers are encouraged to spend money in order to get a model to perform a show. On some sites this involves dozens of customers spending a small amount of money to all watch simultaneously, on others the shows are more private where a single customer pays a higher rate for a 1 on 1 show.

So, if the model doesn’t get naked or do something that sexually arouses the customer, is it still pornography? What about the fact that no sex actually occurs? It’s just one person sitting alone in their room (usually their home) with another person watching them do something. Where does the line get drawn?

This isn’t a big concern in the USA where there are broad First Amendment protections for the production of pornography. So US-based models can just chat with customers fully clothed or they can perform the most hardcore, explicit, sexual private shows that they want to do. It does matter in some other regions, where the laws regarding pornography are either less established, or less friendly. Which we’ll cover in another chapter.

We draw the line at adult entertainment. It’s something for adults, aged 18 or older, both as performers and customers. Beyond that 18+ requirement, anything goes.

Camming is the ultimate free market of free expression. It represents everything our species wants to do. While a majority of the customers are purchasing shows with models that have at least some element of “pornography” to them, the types of shows that occur are endless. Not all customers want sexual arousal, not all customers want nudity, not all customers want adult content. Some customers want to talk about baseball, some customers want to models to pretend to be giants stomping around an imaginary village as they (the helpless villager) scurry to try and escape, and some customers want to look extremely closely at models’ genitalia, either while they masturbate or while they don’t.

We are not the arbiters of taste. We don’t have any say in what performances any model does or does not to. The people we represent are completely autonomous, they have full creative control, they have the only and final say in what they will or will not do. The customers have the only and final say in whether they will or will not spend money. This creates a very honest, open, consensual, and free marketplace.

At Pandora we try to support things that benefit and improve that marketplace and oppose things that distort it.

The Standard Workflow

Model goes online. You can check to see the current list of people who are doing that now.

Online, the model is in their own private chatroom. They’re the star of the show and customers from the site come in and chat with them.

They interact and try to get these customers to spend money. The normal way in which that happens is getting the customers to start a 1 on 1 paid private show. Sometimes customers just tip, that’s the other way spending happens.

Normally, the model never sees or hears the customer, who isn’t on video and only types. Sometimes, in 1 on 1 shows, customers choose to turn on their own webcams to have a more interactive experience. In our experience, this only happens in 2-3% of private shows, but mileage varies depending on the model and the types of customers they attract.

Private shows last as long as the customer wants to keep paying; it is billed per-second at an advertised per-minute rate. The standard rate of shows on our site is 60cpm (60 credits per minute = $6 in customer spending), which deducts from the customer’s account at a rate of 1 credit per second. The customer purchases credits in advance to use in shows, guaranteeing payment for the model, and can purchase more anytime.

Why They Pay

Imagine the person in your life whom you have been most attracted to, but never hooked up with. Maybe it was just someone you saw on the street or someone you had a crush on. But think of the person who just provoked maximum arousal in you but was entirely unattainable.

Would you pay $50 for them to pull their pants down and let you watch?

Statistically speaking, if you’re a female, the answer is often no.

If you’re a male, you probably already clicked to the site and have your credit card out.

If you can understand that impulse - the desire to have access to someone who is otherwise unattainable - then you understand what drives spending on cam sites.

For some customers it’s someone, it’s a particular model who sparks something in them and they have a relationship with them through the site. For other customers, it’s something, or rather some thing. A thing that they are able to access by having an experience with a cam model that they otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t want to. Think expression of fetishes and kinks that they might be too shy to mention to people in real life.

Either way, models are the resource customers are able to use to tap into whatever it is they want to tap into. It’s a form of entertainment solely dedicated on a 1 to 1 basis of making a customer feel exactly what they want.

They get to spend money to indulge their fantasies.

Models get to make a living by making themselves available to the customers who want that.

It’s actually pretty cool if you think about it.