Chapter List

  1. Adult Video Chat. What It Is.

  2. Cam Models. The People Who Do It.

  3. Customers: The People Who Pay For It.

  4. Legality Around The World.

  5. How Cam Sites Work.

  6. Things New Models Need to Beware Of.

  7. Why Cam?

Cam Customers

People will actually pay for that?

One of the difficult things for new models to process is how much money actually gets spent by cam customers and how it happens. Typically, the demographics of the average cam model compared to the customer are non-overlapping. Cam customers are people that your parents (or their parents) might hang around with. It is typically not a group that the average cam model has spent a lot of time thinking about, caring about, or analyzing. But we have.

In the spirit of transparency and educating models, we’re going to share some of our insights. Like models, customers come in all shapes and sizes, and any attempt to label/quantify them is surely going to leave out more than it includes. But at the end of the day, the business of being a cam model is interacting with customers, and having at least a general understanding of who they are and what they are like is helpful for a new model who is considering whether this line of work is for them or not.

So here we go.


Worldwide. Predominantly male. Age is likely to skew older (40+). Affluence is likely to skew higher.

Camming is a luxury entertainment product. It is expensive. And thus it’s customers tend to be more affluent. Why it is primarily men who spend money on cam models is difficult to say, it’s one of those “that’s just the way it is” stats.

We don’t have any information about other demographic factors for customers. It’s essentially “guys with credit cards.”


Here we can go into a bit more detail. What we want to focus on is, what do the customers want? What indicators are there for spending?

The most common show request from customers is an interactive solo sexual performance by the model. Commonly, this includes masturbation. So in their mind, they are paying the model to get naked and masturbate, quite often while masturbating themselves. There are many variations on that show that don’t include masturbation by either or both parties. But predominantly, these shows are some form of role played erotic experience via mutual masturbation. This makes up at least half of the market. The shows tend to range from 5-30 minutes in length, but can be longer.

The second most common show request from customers are fetish performances. The variety in these are impossible to list. Some involve nudity, some involve feet, some involve elaborate character driven role play scenarios.

Similarly popular are companionship oriented shows. Customers wanting to spend time with a model and just chat.

Many customers exhibit a mixed desire for all 3 shows. Some models specialize in sex shows and feature them heavily in their presentation and end up with predominantly sex show desiring customers. Some models specialize in fetishes and attract that audience. Other models highlight the companionship/relationship experience niche and attract that audience. Most models generally are up for any version so long as they’re paid and try to appeal to everyone while steering their overall performance towards attracting the audience for the shows they most prefer to do.

Most customers frequent cam sites only occasionally. They use it for a quick interactive porn experience briefly and then exit. They’re total time on site might be 20-30 minutes per week or month.

A smaller but very active niche of customers use the site daily, or near daily. These customers tend to be the highest spending and most reliable customers for models. 80/20 principles apply here. For most models 80% of spending comes from regular repeat customers, their core fans; with 20% coming from infrequent occasional users who they often only see once.

The reverse 80/20 applies in that 80% of customers are infrequent occasional users and 20% are more active. Making it very competitive among models to win the regular users.

End of chapter.