Chapter List

  1. Adult Video Chat. What It Is.

  2. Cam Models. The People Who Do It.

  3. Customers: The People Who Pay For It.

  4. Legality Around The World.

  5. How Cam Sites Work.

  6. Things New Models Need to Beware Of.

  7. Why Cam?

The Advantages Of Adult Video Chat

Adult video chat shares a lot of commonality with some burgeoning industries, like remote freelancing. It's a lot like that except with a bit more autonomy. Besides your fans, you really have no one to answer to. It's pretty amazing. So, here are a few of the coolest features that a lot of people take for granted. 

1. Anytime. The site is online 24/7/365, and as a performer you're able to log in as much or as little as you want. You can work 10 hours a week or 100, it's all up to you. You control your effort. You control your income. There is no clock to punch. Do you. You can work at noon or midnight. There are always customers on. 

2. Anywhere. We hire performers all around the world. A lot of our performers use this work as a means to travel and see the world. Others use it to relocate to their dream locations. Some stay put and just pay their rent on time. You can do anything you'd like. 

3. Audience. Our site receives over 600,000 unique visitors per day. All you have to do is log in and chat with them. You don't have to spend any time finding clients: just be online, and they'll find you. 

4. Stage Names. Every performer uses a stage name to perform. None of your real information is ever put on the site. While we collect IDs during hiring, this is to verify your age and comply with federal 18 U.S.C. 2257 record-keeping requirements. Your real identity is a closely guarded secret that we take very seriously. 

5. Real People, Real Relationships, Real Money. As you begin working, you'll meet new and interesting people. When a customer sees you in your chatroom, interacts with you, and likes you enough to pay $6 or more per minute to chat with you 1-on-1 and watch you perform, they tend to be pretty cool. Over time you get to know people and they become your regulars; real relationships start to develop. They'll become important to you, as will you to them. 

6. Geolocation Filtering. This means you can block certain areas from being able to view your chatroom; thus preventing someone from your hometown from stumbling across your room. You can block any U.S. states that you want. Outside of America you can only block entire countries. 

7. Game > Job. We really don't think of this as a job. It's something new. The site is a game. If you win the game and rank at the top of the site, you'll win a lot of money. If you don't really compete in the game and just log in when you feel like it, you'll make a lot less. It's up to you, but with no bosses, no fixed schedules, and no requirements to do anything ever, it would be hard to consider this a real job. Just have fun with it and make as much money as you can/want. Then go live your life. 

It's actually pretty cool. It might actually be the coolest thing ever, in the history of earth. That's not for us to say, though.