Chapter List

  1. How to become a webcam model.

  2. How to come up with a stage name.

  3. Forms: Intake, 2257, W9, 1099, and what they mean.

  4. ID: Acceptable forms of identification for age verification.

  5. Pictures: What all you need and how to take them.

  6. How to set up your payment information.

  7. How to set up your model profile.

  8. How to start your first broadcast.

The Pictures We Need.

There are only two pictures that we need to get started: Headshot & Profile Picture.

Headshot: This need to be an ID-style picture of your face, your entire face, and nothing but your face (no hats, sunglasses, cool bandanas, kitten filters, hands touching your chin. Imagine how you would pose for a photo when you were getting an ID picture taken and do that. The purpose of this photo is to face match with your ID. It’s not used on your public profile only for documentation. So you don’t need to worry about looking pretty in it.

Profile Picture: This is the initial photo we’ll use to create your profile. It will be on your account and publicly visible. It’s OK to try and look nice in this.

The most important thing for profile pictures is that they be horizontal pictures not vertical (phone on side, not vertical).

There can’t be any other people or animals in your profile picture, just you.

You’ll be able to change your profile picture (and add more) as soon as your profile is approved, so don’t overthink it at this stage. We just require at least one approved profile picture on every profile so that it’s not possible to broadcast without one (as that looks bad on the site).

Your pictures are the final step in getting your account approved. After we have those (along with your stage name, ID, and 2257 form). We’ll send you your login details to the administration site. Which you’ll need to access most of the pages we are going to link to in subsequent chapters.