Chapter List

  1. How to become a webcam model.

  2. How to come up with a stage name.

  3. Forms: Intake, 2257, W9, 1099, and what they mean.

  4. ID: Acceptable forms of identification for age verification.

  5. Pictures: What all you need and how to take them.

  6. How to set up your payment information.

  7. How to set up your model profile.

  8. How to start your first broadcast.

How to set up your profile.

Before you do your first login. There are a few things you should configure on your profile.


This is how you block your state from viewing your profile. If you’re concerned about people in your area seeing you, this is an important first step. With filtering on anyone with an IP address from the area you have blocked will be unable to see your profile on the site.


In case you want to change your main profile picture before you login, or add more.


It’s good to fill out your bio before you sign on. People will check it.

Room Receptionist:

This is a tool that will automatically greet new users entering your room. It is extremely helpful for screening. Configure it to say hi to VIPs, Premium, Customers with 100+ credits, and Previous Customers. And then only talk to the people your receptionist greets.

Other Links


Super important to follow the rules! The main ones to know are that you can’t have any other people on cam with you (ask about setting up a duo account if you want to broadcast with someone). Also no pets/animals or drugs (even weed).


One of the main ways to make a lot more money camming is to stream on days when Flirt is running a contest. Sales are always higher on these days (customers get discounted credits). So make sure you’re always up to date on the contest schedule and use it in deciding when you’re going to cam.


Once you start broadcasting, this is the link you can use to check and see all of your stats. How much money you’re making, from whom, how long you’ve broadcast, and so on.