The ever growing size of the live cam industry has spawned a new generation of people who make their living as professional adult content creators but have never stepped foot on a porn set; most have never even been to LA, and most don’t plan to go. The reality of this new distributed, global talent pool for adult has in turn spawned a new era of companies looking to cash in; and a few have had good ideas. The one thing every non-cam driven site has in common for performers is the need to create compelling and unique content to distribute on the platform. From clip sales to fan sites, the demand for content from individual performers has never been higher, and the more content that gets created, the more content that’s wanted.

We saw that transition happening with a lot of our cam models as they looked to supplement their income from non-live content. When every dollar you earn requires you to be live and interacting with customers, static content that creates recurring billing has a clear appeal. In an effort to increase the value we provide to our clients, we started putting together the strategy and building the infrastructure to offer services for every type of content adult performers need to make.

This page summarizes those capabilities.

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Video Post Production

Shoot as much footage as you want, drop the files into our cloud folder, our team will take it and turn it into ready to publish content.

We are capable of doing serious, high quality production with all of the latest technology and techniques at our disposal. Color grading, audio correction, editing to music, masking, multi-camera editing, and more. We can create unique graphic elements for your content, insert your trademark/copyright, and add 2257 notices.

Whether you want higher quality videos for your ManyVids, more consistent content for your OnlyFans, or clever promotional content for tube sites, we can make it happen.

Our general approach is to create the maximum amount of content from the footage you provide. So if you provide 30 minutes of explicit footage, we’ll look to make a full length video for clip sales, another version for your fan site, and short promotional teasers for you to use on Twitter, etc. Beyond pornographic content, we can edit video for every part of the modern funnel: Youtube vlogs/videos, Instagram/Facebook videos, sponsored campaign videos, and so on.

Throughout our relationship, our video team will communicate with you and give you pointers for how to shoot the best quality video, things like: how to adjust the settings on your camera/phone, audio/lighting tips, camera recommendations, shooting techniques, and so on.

Once the technical work is done, we share the final product for feedback/approval, once the client approves, we can handle uploading the video everywhere you want it to be on any schedule or share it with you for you to handle it.

Image post Production

This follows a similar pipeline as our video production. Take as many pictures as you want, share to cloud, and our image team will turn them into ready to publish content. We can produce magazine cover quality images and know every trick in the book on Lightroom and Photoshop to make perfect pictures without the photos looking overworked.

Internally, we refer to this work, actually editing the color/saturation/hue/etc of the photo to make it look nicer, as correction. It’s generally used for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pictures along with any promotional photos you use. Our team will remove EXIF data from all of your photos.

The other image work we do is creation. We can take the photos you share and create your banners, channel art, profile pictures, thumbnails, cover photos, and anything else that ends in .jpg, .png, or .gif.

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As with video, our image team can work with you to help you get better pictures taken by recommending photography techniques, cameras & lenses, raw > jpg, and in some cases even recommending a local trusted photographer for you to do a full day photoshoot with.

Pandora audio post production

Audio Post Production

Our audio work is more niche specific and isn’t something every performer utilizes. As such, the production process is tailored to each individual. In general, the scope of our audio work covers things like ASMR content, podcast production, and editing voiceover audio for use in videos.

Written Content Production

What to say in the Tweet. What to put in the title/description of the video. What to write in the caption. These are a few of the simple examples of where written content comes into play for everyone. In our view, written content is one of the biggest missed opportunities for adult performers and brands. So we have a whole suite of services to solve that.

We can do documentary-type blogging, where we take the knowledge from your social media, stats, etc, and write daily or weekly recaps of your activity, and then send to you for you to then add a paragraph or two to make it your own. Or you can email us your thoughts on a particular topic and we can turn it into an blog post or article.

We can also write messages, emails, DMs, comments, and so on.

Pandora written content production

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Website Design & Development

For many performers, having their own website is an absolute necessity. Your website is something that you own and completely control. It can be the authority page for your personal brand. It is also endlessly customizable.

We can manage the creation of either adult content sites or non-adult sites. We consider adult content sites any sites that are selling or hosting pornographic content. Non-adult sites would be personal brand sites that do not host/sell adult content directly, but may link to destinations which do. The distinction becomes important when sorting out things like payment processing and hosting partners for the site.

Social Media content Management

Social media has become an essential part of the adult video industry, as it has for every industry. Models use social media to discover and engage with their fans, promote and sell their content, and manage their brand identity.

Any good social media content has to involve the model. While we could make up tweets and pretend to be you, that wouldn’t drive positive results or engaged fans. What we can do is help unlock your creativity with your social media content and provide the structure and strategy to help you achieve great results via social media.

Social Media Management by Pandora.

Bringing It All together

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Our capabilities in video, image, audio, and text editing and production help us to give models a strong edge. But in our view, these skills are simply utilities. It’s easy enough to find people to edit videos or design a website, anyone could do that.

What not just anyone could do is understand all of the nuances related to the adult industry to be able to understand your specific needs in every part of the system. Working in adult brings with it a unique set of challenges and opportunities. By focusing all of our attention on the industry, we’re able to help our clients overcome the challenges and capture the opportunities.

We’ve created a structure that allows performers maximum creative freedom. You spend all of your time doing the creation, because only you can do that. We’ll do everything else.