Jordan Laubaugh, CEO

Started Pandora Modeling in 2011.

Quickly grew to hundreds of active performers with millions of dollars per year in gross sales.

Pioneered new strategies for model recruitment and development.

Introduced the concept of a full-service management agency for adult video performers with Pandora.

Host of the On Cam podcast.


From Jordan:

So what do you do?

This has always been a tricky question to ask me. How thoroughly and/or truthfully I respond depends entirely upon where I am and who I’m talking to. I am in the habit of giving unsuspecting wait staff, concierges, and Uber drivers far more than they bargained for with my answers. If you are a child or the entrance form for a foreign government, my answers will become more vague: advertising, maybe.

If you are an exceptionally physically attractive human between the ages of 18 and death, my answer is likely to be more of an accurate representation of what I do. But I’ve really never tried to sell anyone on the work. My day one approach was to say, “Here’s what this thing is. Here’s how this thing works. Here’s how we do it.” And then leaving everything else up to the individual to decide whether they want to try it or not.

I don’t “hire people” to work as webcam models. That’s a common misconception. It’s more accurate to imagine that cam models hire me to help them make more money. However, given the unique nature of the industry, we do end up starting with a lot of people who have never done the work before, and we are their reps from day one. Camming as an industry relies heavily upon amateur, first-time talent, dipping their toes in and trying out adult video chat from the confines of their own bedroom. For a few hundred people per year, I act as the remote guide, coach, chaperone, or companion on their journey.

Remote is a key word in all of this. We almost never meet face to face. There isn’t an in person interview. We don’t “audition” people. Our relationship happens via email, text, DM, or occasionally talking on FaceTime or Skype. Pandora doesn’t even have a formal office. All of our administrative staff work remotely.

We started that way because we couldn’t afford an office. Later on, we kept it that way because we didn’t need an office and I very much didn’t want one. I wanted to be able to run the company and do my work from anywhere in the world. And I feel very fortunate to have been able to do that for the past eight years.

These days if more than a month has passed since you last asked me where I am, the answer is likely to be different. But now, if you ask me what I do, you’ll get a more consistent answer. I own/operate Pandora, a management agency for adult video models.

Jordan Laubaugh
Koh Samui, Thailand
July 26, 2019