A primer on personal finance for webcam models.

by Jordan Laubaugh


"It's just a move man. That's it. This is something to do while you're young and attractive to make money. It's building capital faster than any other option you have. Build capital, so that you're funded for the next move."

We don't talk about money all that much. I sort of take it for granted and assume that we're all in agreement that the goal of all our activity at Pandora Modeling is to make money. As much money as possible to be more precise. Why else would we be here? This is a business. 

I'm sensitive to the fact that one person's "why" is different from another's. Maybe it's tuition, maybe it's rent, maybe it's kids, maybe it's the business you're trying to start, maybe it's all of the above. By and large, everyone started here because they had a compelling reason for which they needed money. By and large everyone that stays does so because they learn quickly that they can earn a higher income doing this than any other present career opportunities. 

At a basic level, I'm only interested in you making the money. What you do with it once you make it is of no great concern to me. I mean, I love you, so I care what happens to you, yes you. So I hope you use the money wisely. But at the end of the day, whether you spend it on cars, college, or Cabo doesn't affect my taxable income. 

This article is going to tell you what you should do in a very basic way. I'm going to cover the parts people miss the most. I'm going to reiterate some widely known truths and put them into context for you. As such, this is a good point to throw in my disclaimer. 

Disclaimer: I am not a financial professional in any way, shape, or form. Nothing that follows in this article should be considered to be professional financial advice, tax advice, investment advice, et al. I'm really serious about this. If you take your investment advice from a pornographer, you're an asshole. Please don't sue me. 

Let's begin.

Section 1: Document. Document. Document. 

Section 2: New Rules.

Section 3: You, Inc. Revenue Vs. Income

Section 4: 

  1. Document. (Your bank accounts, your credit report, your debts, monthly spending). 


Section 1: Document. Document. Document. 

Warning. This is the hard part. This is the part where I tell you to get your shit together, literally. I'm just going to tell you to pull all of your financial information into one place so that you can survey it, reference it, and control it. This is where things have to begin, and it's where your resistance and passive barriers will start to crop up first. 

So let me start with some reassurance. If you feel stress, discomfort, fear, shame, guilt, or any other negative emotions that make you want to stop, that's OK. That's normal. If you've never gone through this basic stuff before, it's going to be awkward. Someone should have taught you, but they didn't (at least in my case). Get comfortable with that fear, stay with me. 

Chances are good that you think your financial affairs are in a much worse state than they actually are. Maybe you have a bad credit history and score. Maybe you have what feels like an insurmountable amount of outstanding debt. Like, what if you have $25,000 in high interest credit card debt? Even if you pay 2x the monthly payment, you'll be 80 before it's paid off, there's no possible way, you're drowning. Maybe you just don't know anything about finance and money and you don't know where to begin. 

It's all good bb. We'll get there. I'll hold your hand



I want money in large amounts. My garage full of cars that bounce. Movin’ my tapes in major ways, ‘cause every dollar counts.