In this chapter, we’re going straight to brass tacks. I will lay out every required step you need to execute in order to make your first $1,000 as a cam model, in order, with all of the necessary details to support each step.


  • You have to be 18 or older to be a cam model. This is adult work. You need a valid photo ID to join.

  • You need a computer with a webcam and a bit of privacy to stream.

  • Generally speaking, being a successful cam model requires you be sufficiently attractive to inspire the attention of customers. That’s the game we’re in.

That’s all. If you have that, you can start today.

Part One. Making Your Account.

Step 1: Fill out the model intake form at

We used to have an “application” where we’d collect your pictures and contact information, evaluate those, and then send you the second form if we thought you’d be a good fit. We’ve cut out that part for two reasons. First, the less important reason, it’s faster for us both if we skip it. Second, we always get a lot, a lot, a lot of applications. By making the initial conversion harder, we deter less serious prospects from contacting us. If you read any book on conversion rate optimization (we have), it would tell you to NOT ask individual users to submit their government ID on the first form. Users don’t trust you on the first form, no one would ever give you their ID, the conversion rate will be terrible. Well, we skipped it.

We don’t want anyone to submit the form until they are ready to begin camming. If you want to discuss camming, send us a message on social or an email. The form is for when you are ready to go down the rabbit hole with us.

Data collected on the intake form, explained.

1.1A: Your Real Name.

Your real name is used, along with your ID, to verify your identity. It is also used for payments. It is also put onto a 2257 record-keeping form with your stage name that we send to you to sign. This document serves its titular purpose, validating and recording the link between your adult industry stage name and your real identity.

1.1B: Your Valid Government-Issued ID.

We require this for everyone without exception. Acceptable forms include:

  • Driver’s License.

  • State ID Card.

  • Passport.

  • Military ID.

Just take a picture of it. All of the information has to be clearly legible, you can’t block out or obscure any part of it. About 1% of people seem to cross out their address. Don’t worry, we won’t come to your house. But an image of the ID that doesn’t have all of the information is considered corrupted and cannot be used for verification.

1.1C: A Headshot.

Don’t think, “I just moved to LA and need to get headshots” type photos. This headshot is used to face match with your ID, that’s it. It doesn’t go on your profile, isn’t made public. We take it, upload it to the software with your ID, that verifies the ID is real, and you are the person in it, and we are good to go.

The picture needs to be a straight on picture of your face, with no hats/glasses/etc, no Instagram filters or captions, well-lit. Sort of like this:

Jordan Laubaugh Founder

Jordan Laubaugh


1.1D: Your Stage Name.

This is where you start to make your new identity, like a secret agent. You want to think of it like your going to be a secret agent, that’s totally how camming works. You want your new name to be able to pass scrutiny if you give it to someone at a hotel check-in desk or border crossing. Not because you will ever be in the situation of needing to do that. But because good stage names sound realistic.

You should have both a first and last name that sounds like the name a real person would have as their name.

The stage names of some of our female models include:

  • Female: Olive Ray, Sophia Moore, Hailey Daniels, Audrey Piper, Stacey White, Dylan Knight, Alex, Leila Lawrence, Charlie Waters.

  • Male: Max Hughes, Brock Jacobs, Tyler Harris, Alexander Steel,