A successful cam model should make, at a minimum, $1,000 per week on cam. I am of course well aware that the vast majority of cam models in the world earn far, far less than $1,000 per week on cam. I recognize that some people make $400 per week and that is great for them. I am not looking to debate what success means at the subjective, personal level: do you. I am speaking from the perspective of managing hundreds of performers, and the results I see.

$1,000 in earnings at the lowest possible rates would be about $3,000 in total sales. At standard rates that’s 500 minutes in show or 8.33 hours. In a 30 hour work-week, that means you are in a private show 28% of the time you are online. 17 minutes per hour.

That means that for 17 minutes of every hour you are actively engaged in a private show with a client and 43 minutes per hour you are not earning money while you attempt to get another client from your chatroom to start a 1 on 1.

It also means that you are earning $33.3USD per hour spent online and that customers are spending approximately $100USD in your room per hour that you broadcast. And it means that, at Pandora Modeling, your stats are below average.

2018 Average Hourly Spending (By Customers): $176
2018 Average Hourly Rate (Earned By Models): $59

Let me make one thing clear about that. In no way, shape, form whatsoever do we attribute performers individual sales data to their value as people or even in any hierarchal sense within the organization. We use averages, not to set expectations for individual earnings, but to give a birds eye perspective of the marketplace that only we are able to give. Our work with models is focused entirely on helping the individual achieve the best possible results for their situation.

The reason we are saying $1,000 per week is because that is the level of sales in our experience that demonstrates sufficient, durable demand for performers from the customers of the site. Meaning, if customers will spend that amount on you ever, they will likely spend that amount on you every week, indefinitely.

If you are spending less than 25% of your time online in private shows, you are failing to connect with sufficient customers.