Resistance: The War of Webcam Modeling.

This introduction may very well cause you to figuratively run screaming from this site never to return again. It is required reading for anyone considering working as a webcam model. It will make you uncomfortable; very uncomfortable. And it might just save your life. 

Chapter 1

How the Machine Works

How the machine works. Here you get the nuts and bolts of webcam modeling. What words mean, who is involved, how you earn money, and more.


On Cam: The Actual Work Of Being A Performer On A Live Video Stream.

Here we discuss the art of webcam modeling. A look into what the work actually involves, what to expect, what to do when you start working. 



Clothing Optional: Our Camming Philosophy

Live sex cams. Live sex cams. Live sex cams. The image it produces in the mind of any normal person is something less than pleasant. Live sex cams is a misnomer. Here's what camming is actually about. 


Modeling Pandora: What We Do, Why We Do It, How You Can Do It.

This chapter focuses on Pandora Modeling, the company. It reveals our competitive philosophy. We think we are the undisputed best option for any webcam model in the world. Here, we make the case for that.

Chapter 5

Going Pro: This Is Not A Job Offer.

The realities of professional webcam modeling, explained. From a job to a lifestyle. From wages to income. This is for the future pro.