Instagram Received. Hold On For Your Estimate. Also, Read This Page.


Thank you for sharing your Instagram. We will be in touch shortly. If you want to receive an estimate faster, just send us a DM to @pandoramodelingagency. On the rest of this page, I’d like to give you a better introduction to our company, our work, and what we’re doing for Bucharest.

I am Jordan Laubaugh and I own Pandora Modeling. We are probably the coolest and certainly the most successful management agency for adult performers (mostly cam models) in the United States. We don’t actually work in Romania; nu vorbesc Romana. But we have friends that do, and that’s why we’re here. We’re putting out a public service announcement to the audience that is the most likely to be over-targeted by “be a millionaire cam girl” ads every time you search for anything on Google.

We wanted to use our knowledge of the industry and the landscape of Bucharest’s marketplace to share some practical information with any Romanians who might be curious about camming. We don’t and won’t have a financial interest in any work anyone does in Romania. This is purely a goodwill gesture to help support the good parts of the Romanian cam industry and to help stop the bad parts.

Our campaign is straightforward. We’ll check out your pictures and DM you an earnings estimate; what we think you would make camming. Our estimates would be in USD per hour or per day earnings, generally within some range based on your looks. We’re pretty accurate. From there, if you have any questions about anything related to the work, we’ll answer them as completely and honestly as we can. If you’re not interested, we’ll never bother you again. If you decide that you want to start camming, we’ll recommend a trustworthy local studio and put you in contact with them.

Seriously, we’re not going to make any money off of this if you decide to cam. We have no hidden financial motives. The reality is, Eastern European cam studios spend a fortune on advertising to find models and I’m trying to demonstrate that our advertising capabilities are better than theirs so that we can charge them a lot of money to manage their ads for them. That is the long-term financial interest for us.

In the short-term, the studio I’m going to recommend you to is Eva Sin’s studio. She is a friend and shares my view on what camming is and can be. She’s the type of person that I want to see succeed as a studio and I’m happy to lend her support. Fun fact, she also happens to be the #1 cam model in the world as of December 2018. Seriously, the entire world! So the opportunity for any model to work with her and have her teach you how to succeed is invaluable.

I just want to say that I understand the reputation that camming has in Bucharest and how people view it because of studios. Most people view it as a cheap, unsavory, desperate way to make money that is all about sex. That’s not how I view it and that’s not how Eva views it. We are not in the “live sex cam” business. We are in the “virtual relationships” business. The overwhelming majority of the money that all of the models at Pandora earns comes from talking to lonely people on video chat, just talking. The “adult” part of the work is massively overhyped.

The successful models that work for me make hundreds of dollars (or in some cases thousands of dollars) per day chatting with people online for hours at a time. We sell companionship, not sex. Nudity and eroticism are tools we use in service of that goal, not the focus. This is different from what all other studios do, and quite frankly better.

I’ll tell you the truth about the business, everything I know, and give you honest feedback about your potential. From there, the decision will be yours whether it’s something you want to do or not. No pressure from me.

Thank you. Now send us a DM.

Jordan Laubaugh
Founder, Pandora Modeling