Be Attractive In Front Of A Webcam For A Living.

Give me 60 seconds and I just might change your life. I mean, maybe not, but at the very least in 60 seconds you can know who I am, Jordan Laubaugh, what my company does, and why I am bothering perfectly nice Romanian girls through Instagram story ads.

I run Pandora Modeling, which is probably the coolest and most successful management agency for adult performers (mostly cam models) in the United States. We don’t actually work in Romania; nu vorbesc Romana. But we have friends that do, and more importantly, we have enemies that do. So we’re putting out a public service announcement to the audience that is most likely to be over-targeted by “be a millionaire cam girl” ads every time you search on Google.

We wanted to use our vast knowledge and resources of the industry and the landscape of Bucharest’s marketplace to share some practical information with any Romanians who might be curious about camming. We don’t and won’t have a financial interest in any work anyone does in Romania. This is purely a goodwill gesture to help support the good parts of the Romanian cam industry and to help prevent the bad parts.

Our offer to you is straightforward. If you’re curious about camming, share your Instagram with us (we won’t follow you), we’ll just check out your pictures and DM you an earnings estimate, what we think you would make camming. Our estimates would be in USD per hour earnings, generally within some range based on your looks. We’ll also answer any questions you want to ask about camming, and recommend our preferred local businesses for you to work with.

Seriously, we’re not going to make any money off of this. And we’ll probably turn the ad off after Bucharest Fashion Week ends :). We’re just doing a proof of concept.

Thank you.



Get A Private Estimate

How much money would you make as a cam girl? We can tell you. And we will. We won’t follow you or like/comment on any of your pictures. We will simply send you a DM and give you our best guess for you based on your pictures. If your profile is private, we’ll DM asking you to send us a few pictures.

Our Instagram is @pandoramodelingagency.

No strings attached. We’ll give you the estimate and ask if you want to know more, if the answer is yes, we’ll chat a bit. If the answer is no, we’ll leave you alone forever. No follow-up, no spam, no hassle, no lame stuff. That’s not our style. This is only for the people who would like to hear from us and have some curiosity about the truth of camming. Let us know your Instagram and we’ll tell you what we think.

Share @yourusername so we can DM you an estimate.