Thoughts On Being Selective When Hiring New Webcam Models.

When it comes to choosing our models, we’re selective.  We don’t just agree to represent everyone who applies to work with us.  From our perspective, this is common sense.  But in reality, this makes us a rarity in this business.  Although anyone on earth can apply to be a webcam model, most people don’t have what it takes to make it.  And yet the vast majority of companies in our industry will set up modeling accounts for anyone who applies.  They do this because the cost to the company for doing this is next to nothing.  And if the newly-signed model works a ton of hours and makes anything at all in sales, it’s a net positive for the company, but not necessarily for the model.  

We think that’s stupid, so we don’t do it.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and at Pandora it’s our job to know who the beholders are, and which ones are likely to choose to spend money on private shows with models.  We’re actually really good at this.  And because we’re good at this, we can look at a modeling applicant and get very close to determining what their dollar per hour income will be if they work full time as a webcam model.  We know how to do this because we eat, sleep, and breathe this business.  We know what sells and what doesn’t.

We offer our expertise as a service to prospective performers to help them avoid wasting time if they won’t be successful in this business.  Our expertise also benefits the clients who patronize the site because they know they’ll always meet cool and interesting people to spend time with and not just literally any random person that sends in an app.  

This makes perfect sense if you view camming the same way that you would look at any other job.  If you aren’t good with numbers, should you choose to be an accountant?  Should someone hire you to be one?  If you can’t stand the sight of blood, would you want to be a surgeon?  Should any hospital put you in the position of cutting patients open?  If you don’t have the looks, the mindset, and the resolve to be a cam model, shouldn’t an expert, who knows the business, tell you that at the outset and let you pursue a different path in order to prevent you from being disappointed down the line?

Camming is a business.  We are all in it for the same reason that other people are in business—any business—and that is to make money.  If we know that you won’t make money doing this, then we’ll tell you so and save you a lot of time and trouble.  It’s simply not possible to manufacture a market for people who, based on their appearance, won’t attract clients.  

Because we don’t just accept everyone who applies, that means that we can spend a larger amount of our time making sure that the models we do hire receive more personal attention from us.  We devote ourselves to helping our new models be as appealing as possible to potential clients.  If you sign on with Pandora, we’ll make sure to advise you when it comes to the basics: clothing, hair and makeup, how to set up your room, how to speak to clients, how to manage your chats, and so much more.  We know all of the subtleties.  And throughout your development as a performer, we’ll be here to help manage the minefield that camming can be.  From retaining clients to staying motivated, we’ve got your back.  We’re the secret ninja tacticians working invisibly in the background to make you cooler and more successful.

In the world of webcam modeling, there is a very high attrition rate.  At most studios, effectively just 1% of all models who sign up to cam will end up being successful at it--success here being defined as sticking with camming long enough to actually make real income.  For most studios, if they hired 100 models today, one month from now, only one of those models would still be logging in.  Most studios measure success by how many performers they sign up.  We measure success by how many performers go on to make a living doing camming for a year or more.  Winning has nothing to do with how many models a studio hires.  It’s all about how many models a studio can keep in the webcam modeling business.  

Pandora is different because we only hire candidates we believe will be well-suited to be performers.  And once we hire someone, we make sure that person gets the personal attention needed to be effective and successful as a cam model.  But the benefits of signing on with Pandora don’t just end once a model graduates from being a novice.  At Pandora, our overall philosophy toward camming manifests itself into a long term business strategy.  We have a vision of where we want to be in this industry, and every day we’re working to bring that vision into being.  We’re in it for the long haul.