Morality Part Two: Transparency, Fairness, and Self-Esteem

We’ve heard it all before.  People condemn pornography.  People attack the camming industry.  They say we’re scumbags.  They say we exploit our models.  They say we corrupt the youth of America.  The basis for all of these pronouncements supposedly comes from an untouchable monument of righteousness.  And in this instance, those of us in sex-based industries might have to endure almost as much rancor from the Left as we do from the Right.  

Critics on the Right, as we have already discussed, take the predictable position that sex is bad—at least the sex that people enjoy having—and that to engage in a life full of it is to deserve shame, ridicule, abuse, and whatever else befalls such wayward sinners.  But from the Left, judgment can be just as harsh.  This is where the charges of exploitation come in.  This is where accusers say that we take advantage of models and/or cheat our clients.  This is where both ends of the political spectrum can agree with each other.  We must be scumbags.  

The truth is that the camming industry is filled with scumbags.  It also has its fair share of liars, cheats, and other assorted rip-off artists.  We knew this when we decided to start Pandora.  We knew that in joining this industry we would be lying down with pigs.  But just because you lie with pigs, doesn’t mean that you have to be one.  

What does it mean to be “moral” in a supposedly “immoral” industry?  What does it mean to actually live a life informed by moral principles?  What values should you subscribe to when running your business?  To us, there are actually some easy answers here.  

Number one: Don’t cheat people.  If we have to say this to you, and it’s a novel concept, then you have no right to claim the moral high ground on anyone.  Starting on Day One, we resolved to be open and transparent with our performers and with anyone who applies to be a performer.  If we feel that this industry is not right for you, then we tell you so.  If we think that you won’t make any money doing this, then we tell you so.  If we think that you will regret your decision to work as a webcam model at any point in the future, then we tell you so.  We don’t do pressure sales, and we don’t try to lure people into signing with us.  We believe in free will.  We give you all of the information that you need to have about us and this industry and then let you decide if you still want to be a part of it.

When we started Pandora, we decided that we would take the novel approach of treating this just like any other “normal” business.  What that meant was that we would conduct our affairs ethically—imagine that!  We are upfront with our pay scale because we thought that would attract the kind of models we wanted to work with.  And that has shown itself to be 100% correct.  We found that there was a way for us to pay models their fair share and still run a profitable business.  

Other studios dislike us because we publicize our pay scale whereas they, all too frequently, conduct their negotiations in the shadows and underpay their models so that they can line their own pockets.  And because these models at other companies are kept in the dark, they often don’t even realize that they’re being cheated.  If you have to cheat people in order to keep your business running, then you are a shitty businessman.  If you can run your business profitably without cheating people, but choose to do so anyway, then you are a shitty person.  End of story.

Aside from being open and honest with our models, we also give them much more.  These other benefits present themselves as opportunities.  The chance to make money is an obvious plus, and this is often the “excuse” given for webcam modeling by those who are not quite comfortable with it, including some performers.  The shame and stigma that has been forced on sex work of any type is such a burden that many performers can only sleep soundly if they call it a financial necessity.  And yes, it’s a business, so making money is a good reason to engage in it.  But there’s so much more to it than that.  

We give our models a chance to express themselves as individuals.  Camming is not just sex work.  It’s also entertainment.  It’s also art.  So many jobs in “respectable” industries don’t afford their workers any comparable opportunity.  Camming is a job that doesn’t just reward performers for working hard.  It also pays dividends to them for being individuals and tapping into their creativity.  It gives them a chance to explore other sides of themselves and make connections with all kinds of people.  It can be so much more rewarding than the dreary, stifling grind of the cubicle.  And if you stick with it, it can be so much more lucrative too.  

And we must not forget to mention the benefits that camming has for our clients.  These are people who come to our site to look for models.  Based on feedback that we at Pandora receive from our performers, they are thrilled!  Since we know how to choose the people who are right for taking on camming jobs, and because we know how to guide them to maximize their abilities, we always have performers ready who are both hot and cool.  

These clients have scores of sites to choose from, but when they come to us, we are confident that they are getting the finest experience possible.  Our performers bring them joy, and they keep coming back.  And, perhaps best of all, when the clients are happy, they pass their praise along to the models.  And these models, in turn, get a boost in self-esteem.  Running a business that makes money is definitely nice.  Running a business that makes money but also builds people up in ways that are not strictly financial is even more rewarding.  If morality is lifting people up instead of tearing them down, then we’re happy to be on the right side of the debate.

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