Be The Part: How To Indulge Fantasies And Win Clients.

Alright, so you’ve decided that you have what it takes to be a cam model.  You’re in the right place mentally and emotionally.  You’ve prepared yourself to be the performer, ready to win over clients, get to know them, and fulfill their fantasies.  You’re ready to put in the time you need to spend to hone your craft.  All of that is great.

Did we mention that you also need to be really, really, really good-looking?  

Maybe it’s unfair, but the fact is that your appearance is a major factor when it comes to enticing and landing clients.  After all, they have so many choices.  What will you say to them, by the way that you look, that causes you to stand out?  

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to tip the scales in your favor.  

Few things are more alluring than confidence.  It’s not enough to be sexy.  You must also know that you are sexy.  You must embody that sexiness.  Each and every move that you make while you are on camera in public should seem wholly natural to the viewer—extemporaneous, to use the GRE word—even if you have planned every action and already know what you are going to do next.  

When you watch any great actor play a part, if that person is doing it well, you should never find yourself thinking, “he is doing a great job pretending to be someone else,” while the performance is going on.  That may be something that you say to yourself later on, when the wave of emotion has washed over you and the time for analysis has begun, but not in the heat of the moment.  And remember, in this role, you are an actor who sells intimacy and trades in emotion.  If it looks like you are struggling to play a part and you don’t quite know how to pull it off, people will see that.  The spell will be broken and you will lose whoever is watching you in public.  And you aren’t likely to entice any of those people to come back and give you a second look when there are so many others out there that they haven’t yet seen but can find just as easily as they found you.

To steal a bit of performing wisdom from the actor Michael McKean, (who can do both comedy and drama but, to our knowledge has never been a cam model), “If your assignment is to play a guy who thinks he sees unicorns, you can’t play a guy who thinks he sees unicorns.  You have to play a guy who sees unicorns.  Otherwise it’s not going to hold water.”  

When you are camming, and members of the public can see you, you can’t be someone who has been put there to play the part of a performer who fulfills fantasies.  You must be the one who fulfills fantasies.  You can’t just go halfway and expect to be met in the middle.  If you don’t believe in yourself and what you’re doing, then no one else will either.  And when that happens, the connection that you will be striving to make with others will never happen.

If seeming fake or half-assed is the worst thing that you can do when trying to attract clients, then the second worst thing that you can do is be boring.  Remember that people browsing online have choices—more choices than they could ever even explore.  What will you do to be interesting?     

Some of our models dance.  Some of them do yoga.  Some of them talk about themselves.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it doesn’t look like you are waiting for something to happen or that you are waiting for someone to come along and find you.  Being confident means doing whatever it is you want to do without the need to seek approval from someone else.  

And a big part of the initial appeal of cam models to viewers is the voyeurism inherent in the way that they discover you.  For many people, there is a thrill in getting a peek into someone else’s world, especially if that person is, as you will be, attractive.  But you, as the model, are not begging someone to pay attention to you.  Not outwardly, anyway.  You are there doing what you might otherwise do—stretching your legs, brushing your hair, singing quietly to yourself.  The camera just happens to be on.  Maybe you notice it, and maybe you don’t.  But the person who finds you and gets to see you doing your own thing gets to feel that joy of discovery and the rush of power that comes with watching someone else who can’t watch back.

Here, we have to stress the importance of not giving it all away in public.  Be sexy, be alluring, be salacious, but don’t be pornographic.  Don’t be explicit.  Be closer to PG-13 than to NC-17 when clients don’t have to pay to see you.  What you have is valuable, and you should have no interest in giving it away.  The public forum is the place where the client gets a window into your world.  You want him to move ever closer, trading his telescope for binoculars before finally pressing his face up against the glass.  If he wants to see more of you and have you all to himself, he can.  But not here.  Not with other people around.  But if he takes you into a private room, then you can make him think that you belong to him.  Yet it’s really the other way around.  But he doesn’t have to know that.

If you succeed in getting and keeping the attention of the voyeur, then the opportunity to turn the tables and grasp that power for yourself is there for you.  When you succeed and take things private, that’s where you earn your living.  That’s where you fulfill fantasies, and that’s where the world is yours.