Anonymity: How Private Is Webcam Modeling?

The first human beings ever photographed were a man getting his shoes shined and the worker doing the job.  This was in 1838.  They were standing on a street in Paris, as the camera captured their images and those of the buildings around them.  Unfortunately, the shot was taken from so far away that neither of these human figures is identifiable.  Nor is either one of them likely to ever be known.

Remarkably, the first photographic portrait of a human being was taken just one year later.  An even more amazing fact is that it was a self-portrait.  Yes, the first photograph ever taken of a person was a selfie.  In this case, the identity of the subject is known.  He was Robert Cornelius, a Philadelphia-based manufacturer and photography pioneer, and although he has been dead for over a century, we still have a faithful representation of his face today.

For all of human history up until Cornelius stepped into that frame, people depended upon paintings, drawings, or sculptures by artists, or descriptions written by authors, to convey how they looked.  These renderings might not have told the truth, or at least they may have depicted a skewed version of it.  They are one person’s idea about what someone else ought to look like.  Some portraits we have today of famous people were completed after the subject had died.  The camera can still lie, but it is more objective than the methods of capturing identities that came before it.

In the 21st century, of course, anything and everything, no matter how mundane, can be captured forever.  If you want to let future generations know exactly what your breakfast this morning looked like, then you can snap a picture of it and people not yet born will be able to see for themselves how you liked your eggs cooked.  

We live in an age in which images never go away.  They can live somewhere on the Internet indefinitely.  Even images that are designed to disappear off of a viewer’s phone shortly after they are opened, like those sent via Snapchat, live on in servers elsewhere.  Your guidance counselor who advised you not to let your friends post pictures of you drunk and trespassing all over social media was right after all.

This is partly why we say that cam modeling is not for everyone, and that you need to think seriously about whether or not this is the best path for you to follow.  At Pandora Modeling, we take as many precautions as we can to protect the identities of our performers.  But the Internet is not an airtight vacuum.  

If you choose to be a cam model, and Pandora represents you, we do everything possible within the boundaries of this business to protect you and your identity.  The name that you choose to be your camming name should be one that sounds real but does not contain any part of your actual name.  You can choose to limit access to your camming profile so that viewers based in certain states or even entire countries will not be able to see you when you are on cam in public.

In addition, we at Pandora further protect your identity from search engines by paying you through our parent company, whose name we do not post on our site, setting up another barrier between your camming identity and your actual one.   And we do not disclose the locations of our models, (just as you should never do this on cam), to further protect you.

That said, because this is the 21st century and everything anyone does in nearly any place public or private has the potential to be recorded, and because anything that gets recorded can be posted somewhere and may never go away, the reality is that even with all of these protections in place, this is not 100% foolproof.    

When users decide to take you, the cam model, to a virtual private room, your activities there are recorded.  These recorded shows are retained by the network and made available for purchase on your (the performer’s) profile page.  This is an additional source of income for models.  You cannot opt out of this Video On Demand (VOD) feature.  These VODs cannot be deleted, as they are owned by the network, and although most of them become inaccessible when a performer quits camming and deactivates their profile, the client who originally purchased the private show retains access to the VOD indefinitely.  That person could conceivably make his own recording of that show and disseminate it.    

We say this to you not to frighten you into thinking about how to explain your secret life to your grandparents.  As we have said, we take every reasonable precaution to protect your identity.  So going to the grocery store or dropping your kids off at school or just hanging out in your neighborhood—these are all things that you will still have the freedom to do without being mobbed like a celebrity or shunned like the adulteress in a Puritan village.

But this is yet another part of what we meant when you said that in order to be a cam model you have to really commit.  Just as you would probably not find it to be worth your while monetarily to cam for just a few hours a week, and just as being visibly boring and “not really into it” is going to affect your attractiveness (and therefore your bottom line) when you are on cam, you should know that this journey is not one that you take halfway.  If you cam, then footage of you doing what you do in private may spill out into the public arena because someone else chooses to make that happen, for whatever reasons of his own.  

Again, this is one of the numerous reasons why camming is not for everyone.  But if you are ready to take the steps necessary to do what you need to do to succeed in this business, and if you adhere to all of the advice we give you regarding your own safety and privacy, then you have a very real expectation of not having this part of your life affect the other parts in a negative way.  You know the situation and the odds.  Now the rest is up to you.