Why Cam? Why Pandora Modeling?

Your first question might be, "why camming?"  What makes it so different?  What makes it unique?  The answer is that camming embodies many of the intersecting elements that are defining our cultural moment.  Camming can help to illustrate where we are as people and where we may be heading. 
The serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk contends that the Internet, far from being an obstacle to the development of meaningful relationships, actually allows for them to flourish and grow with a wider reach than humanity has ever known.  Skeptics who mourn that the online community has displaced real human interaction fail to grasp that the Internet enables people to meet and share words, ideas, and emotions across borders and oceans.  Many people who share intimate parts of their lives with each other online may not otherwise have ever been able to meet and would possibly not even know of each other's existence without this supposedly isolating technology.  The Internet is not the destroyer of communities.  It is the salon, the water cooler, and the bowling alley all in one.  It is the place where people go to seek out relationships with others, not the place where people go to hide from them.  Camming uses this platform to foster a unique brand of 21st-century relationships.     
Sex sells.  This is common knowledge and conventional wisdom, so much so that saying it is not the least bit controversial.  There are millions of places online to find pornography, and even the places you can find it for free are covered in ads.  But whereas traditional pornography is static, camming is dynamic.  Sex sells, but intimacy sells for a higher price.  The sex and the sexiness of an earlier era is not compelling in the same way that it once was to a generation that is so used to creating its own content.  Most online pornography is like an old TV sitcom, existing for viewers to passively observe and consume.  Camming is like a video you make yourself, or, rather, it is like a video that the model and the client make together.  Maybe it's pornography.  Maybe it's art.  Or maybe it's the way that some people find fulfillment and make personal connections that matter to them. 
In the recent past, people paid to join clubs.  The club had a reason to exist and the people who joined were pleased to be associated with that stated reason.  Increasingly, younger generations aren't satisfied just paying dues to say that they belong to something.  They hold others to a higher standard.  They ask that they get something specific in return for their allegiance.  They ask that they get attention tailored to them in order that their devotion to the organization feels earned.  Maybe the society that we live in now, with its so-called instant gratification, has made us impatient.  Or maybe it has changed the standards we hold each other to.    
Not only has the nature of our private and chosen associations shifted.  Our economy is also changing to favor citizen professionals, who might mistakenly be called amateurs.  You can now earn money driving people around even if you don't own a taxi.  You can add to your income by charging people to stay on your property, even if you don't run a motel.  Meanwhile, porn stars increasingly compete with amateur performers. And being amateurs is a big part of their appeal.  We want to feel that others are like us--that they are us.  Being able to be the star, when you once had to simply gaze at stars with wonder from far away is empowering.  It is the way that anyone can do what almost everyone once had to just watch others do.  
And yet, camming is not for everyone.  Just because it’s possible for you to do it, that doesn't mean that it’s right for you.  Successful cam models dedicate themselves to their craft.  They work to discover what their clients want, and they find a way to give as much of that to them as they can.  They make it personal.  They put in the time.  If, after examining your willingness to commit yourself to becoming the person that you need to be, you decide that you want to pursue camming, Pandora Modeling will be there to make your journey possible.
Why Pandora Modeling?  There are all sorts of agencies out there, and because camming is something that you do yourself, from your own home, you might think that it doesn't much matter who represents you.  But there is a difference.  At Pandora Modeling we know that experience is the best teacher, and we have learned, over time, what it takes to be successful in this business.  If you are serious about wanting to become a cam model, then we are ready to share our knowledge with you.  
Most importantly, we not only see the future, we are working to define it.  It’s a future in which people use technology more and more to attain intimacy.  It’s a future in which the people who can adapt to change are going to increasingly outpace those who can't.  In driving the development of this industry, we see ourselves as a leader, and leaders must be responsible for setting standards.  At Pandora Modeling, we are guided by a set of principles that we believe should be at the foundation of any business venture.  We treat each and every one of our models like the unique human beings that they are, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it’s good for business.  When you get treated with respect, you feel valued, and when you feel valued, you do your best work.  And when you do your best work, you will earn more.  When that happens, everyone wins.  The model prospers, the client gets what they came for, and the agency earns what it needs to keep providing its valuable services to new models.  
This is the big picture for us.  If you want to learn more about the step by step process of becoming a cam model, read on.  We are here for you.