Are you a good candidate?

Our Criteria For new models.

Simply put, we want people that will become successful adult video chat performers. Discussing physical attributes of individual people as a company in 2018 is a a dicey proposition, but for the type of company we operate, it's important to do so. 

Before we do, let's get a few things straight. We are 100% equal opportunity. We love everybody. We work with people of all cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, and backgrounds.

We work with everybody, but not just anybody. We're looking for the type of people that turn heads when they walk into a room, that the general public would broadly define as: exceptionally attractive. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course there's someone out there for everyone, yes to all of that. However, sustaining a successful career as an adult video chat means attracting and sustaining the attention and admiration of thousands of viewers, not just one. 

We say no to a lot of people that could make some money, so that we can say yes and truly devote ourselves to the handful of people that we think will make a lot of money. If we think you could do OK, but aren't an ideal fit for our style of management, we'll refer you to the best available option for you and wish you well.

We'd like to highlight that we're in the business of finding the performers that will be in demand with the existing customer base. We're not in the business of trying to invent demand. Mercy for the messenger is sort of what we're begging for here.  

Now, let's get into specifics. 

Work Ethic

Far and away this is the most important factor that we consider. How much do you actually want to broadcast? You might be the most beautiful person on earth, but if you plan to work 5 hours per month, there won't be any money to be made. We're not the company for part-time performers, you just don't need us. We're the company for people that are intent on making a living, and a damn good one, as adult video chat models, this requires a full-time effort. Our top performers spend an average of 30-40 hours per week live on cam. That doesn't count the hours that go in behind the scenes preparing to broadcast, managing social media, or any of the other work models do to maximize their results. 

On average, our models earn $42 per hour broadcast (based on hundreds of performers). Our top 10 performers earn over $100 per hour. This means $100,000 per year + in annual income is the norm for our most successful performers. This means a lot of people work very hard, there's no shortcut. 

Male models

For our male performers, the most important thing to know up front is that the audience for guys on cam is almost exclusively gay men. As in, more than 99%. Probably more than 99.9%. That being said, the overwhelming majority of our male performers identify primarily as heterosexual, most do so openly with customers, and everyone's cool with everyone. It's the 21st century after all. If you can wrap your head around it, here's what we're looking for with male models.

Being physically fit is extremely important for guys. That means a lot of different things so here are a few examples. Some of our successful guys could and do appear in bodybuilding shows under the fitness category. This means they have large muscles, with a lot of definition, but tend towards the athletic look rather than maximum size. Guys with a physique that would be more typical of "powerlifting" tend to have less of an audience on cam. Muscle is a common enough fetish on the guys side, but usually geared towards the athletic/fitness muscle look, rather than maximum size (which is a different niche). 

Another class we think of is more of a common, everyman, but attractive fit look. These guys aren't bodybuilders, but they workout and keep themselves in good shape and are attractive. A lot of guys fall into this category. A lot of guys also just miss this category. A few percentage of additional body fat can drastically affect customer interest for an individual model. 

Then we find guys that we think of as "traditional model look." These guys typically don't have as much muscle definition, if any. They're just normal physique guys that are exceptionally good-looking. 

Last archetype, we have smaller/thin guys, commonly referred to as "twinks" on the site. It's a popular category with a lot of successful models. 

None of these types are really any better than the other, broadly speaking when it comes to earning potential. A person that's a good candidate in any of those categories has extremely high earning potential. 

There are a few common attributes that seem to make things a lot harder for guys, that as a result we shy away from when signing up new models. Guys with a significant amount of excess adipose tissue don't generally receive an enthusiastic response from customers. Guys with a lot of tattoos, nipple rings, or gauged ear rings tend to struggle as well. That doesn't mean any of those things are deal breakers, plenty of guys have tattoos, this one is totally individual. And almost all of those things can be compensated for with physique, honestly. 

As far as ages for guys, 18-33 is our core demographic. We do have a few guys that are over this age and doing well, but it's the exception rather than the rule.

Female Models

It is a lot more difficult to cover what makes a good female candidate. Yes, attractive, that. But really, there's so much variety here. None of the top female models really look anything like each other outside of the fact that we'd probably all consider them "hot." Some are 18-19. Some are 40+. Some are really thin. Some are quite curvaceous. Everything in between. Every look works as long as it's good. 

Age is less of a factor female models. There's an incredibly high demand for 30-40 year attractive models. We're pretty confident that 40-50 year old female models would do great also, we just don't get many applications from that demographic. 

Do men go out of their way to bother you when you go out in public? If so, you're probably a great candidate. 

LGBT Models

We wanted to highlight some of the experiences our past LGBT models have had in an effort to help you make decisions. 

Lesbian models: That the customers are essentially all men is the one thing we'd mention. Lesbian duo shows are quite popular.

Gay male models: There are a lot of gay male models. The customers are gay men. This seems to work great. Gay male duo shows are generally the highest demand show type we see, particularly if they take place between two popular male performers. 

Bisexual models: No problem there.

Trans female models: Trans women are an increasingly popular category in our industry.

Trans male models: FTM trans performers haven't really found an audience in adult video chat modeling. 

Other Positive attributes

A few words on personality: it's the thing that really matters for anyone. The nature of our work is 1 on 1, intimate video chat experiences. It's more talking than anything. Most models spend 80% or more of their time fully clothed, just talking. How capable you are at talking to people, being engaging, being curious about people is a huge factor of how in demand you'll be. Over time, models build relationships with individual clients, and these relationships end up being basically the same as any real world intimate relationship. Which is to say, a lot more talking than nudity. 

There is no fixed structure for what has to happen. A customer may start a private show and request something specific, and it's up to you whether you want to take them up on it. Nothing is required. Everyone wants what they want and the great models are able to adapt to people's varied wants and needs. 

We consider everything our models do to be performance art. Live streaming interactive adult performance art. Some artist paint. Some artists sing. Our artists create compelling fantasy environments for their clients in real-time to facilitate the desired emotional stimulation an individual most desires. It's fantasy, that's what we do. 

As such open-mindedness and creativity are required attributes. A lot of people approach this industry with the view that you sign up, login, wait for someone to start a show, and do what they tell you to do, and that's what it is. A lot of people do that. We just think that's a bleak, boring way to look at it. And boring is the only sin we recognize. A private show where the customer calls all the shots, to us, is a power exchange fetish show; it's common and lucrative. But the model that recognizes that they're the one with all of the power in the fantasy and they have to allow the customer to call the shots is the model that wins in the long term. These types of shows are maybe 15-30% of what you'll run into, though sometimes it might feel like it's 100%. But the model that only sees things as "doing what they're told" is going to fail miserably with the other 15-30% of customers that want the opposite experience; where you tell them what to do; which is also common and also lucrative. There is no black and white. 

We created this article in hopes that potential performers will have more information to assess whether adult video chat modeling could be a lucrative career. If anything we've said felt insensitive, callous, bigoted, or demeaning we apologize. It's not our intent to offend anyone.

Thank you.