What it is

A model appears live on webcam to perform for anonymous customers who pay for 1 on 1 private shows. The mutual anonymity (models use a stage name, customers use a screen name) combined with interactivity (customers can type to the model throughout the private show and make requests) creates an interactive environment where people feel free to fully express themselves, whatever form that might take. Tens of thousands of customers per day choose to pay for this interactive experience with an adult video chat model.

Pandora Modeling is the company that finds people to be the models.

How it works

Most models work alone, from their own locations, on their own schedules. You login to your own chatroom, interact with customers, and get them to spend money on you. Your room, your rules, you can do whatever you want on cam. You log in whenever you want, for as long as you want.

While you are live, users on the site come into your chatroom, a few hundred to a few thousand per hour. The task then is to work your way through all of these users and find the ones that will spend money for a private show with you.

We’ll help show you how to do this, we’re pretty good at it. In 2018, our models, on average, earned $58 per hour spent on cam; and collectively spent over 23,000 hours on cam.

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The Private Shows

You never have to do anything. You never have to do anything. You never have to do anything.

We emphasize that to hopefully dispel a common misconception people evaluating us have, which is that we somehow dictate what models do. No. We’re not involved. The performance that happens is entirely between the model and the customer.

If the thought of someone watching you get naked for money disgusts you, you should probably not do this. Not every show contains nudity, but most do.

Private shows are normally graphic, with some kind of sexual performance being the most popular type of show. But every show is different, it’s always a real-time collaboration between you and the customer to decide what happens. With you having the final say about your performance and them having the final say about the how long they keep spending money.


Before you start, you’ll choose a stage name. This becomes who you are to customers, forever. Your real identity will never appear on the site.

Models can also choose to block their state (or country if you are outside of the U.S) from seeing their profile, preventing people in your area from seeing you on cam.

Finally, all of the content on the site (including everything on your profile and any video of you) is copyrighted; VS Media (the network we work with for camming) holds the copyright, and defends it aggressively. Meaning, if someone records a video of your performance and posts it elsewhere online, VS will send the operator of the site a copyright takedown notice and attempt to get the content removed.


Pandora & Flirt4free

Flirt4Free (owned by VS Media Inc) is the cam network that Pandora works with. We are distinct companies.

In our relationship, Flirt4Free provides the customers, hundreds of thousands per day, and all of the corporate infrastructure to make it all work. Flirt4Free is a huge company, with offices in Southern California.

Pandora is a management agency for adult content creators.

Flirt4Free writes the checks. We work with the individual models to help make sure Flirt4Free writes the largest check possible.

How Making Money Works

Adult video chat is entirely commission-based work. There is no fixed hourly pay of any kind. Every time a customer spends money, the model makes money.

For most models, 1 on 1 private shows account for 80%+ of their earnings. With additional earnings coming from: tips, bonuses and contest prizes, VOD sales, group chat (multiple viewers at once), FlirtPhone, and FlirtSMS.

Our general strategy relies heavily on finding customers for 1 on 1 private shows.

Making money

The Reality Of The business

webcam modeling

Being an adult video chat model involves some amount of sexually explicit performance. Yes, you are alone, in your own safe space, with only a complete stranger that you will never meet paying money to watch you. No, you don’t have to do anything specific. But it’s still an adult performance. It’s still the production of pornographic content. It’s still a type of sex work.

If you think, “virtual relationships,” instead of, “live sex cams,” you get a more accurate perspective of what camming is actually like. In the long run, models end up making the majority of their income from regular, repeat customers.

That’s the goal, and it’s what we work towards with every model. To help them find the approach to the performance that works for them, which allows them to discover customers who are a good fit for these virtual relationships.

Can you really put a price on a relationship? Turns out the answer is yes. They start at $6 per minute.