A Modern Approach To Adult Video

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The new Adult Landscape

You no longer need to have sex in order to make money in porn. In today’s technological reality, the majority of performers work solo as live adult video chat performers. More recently, the emergence of video sale sites (clip sites), private paid membership content sites (fan sites), and all sorts of public video sites (tube sites) for traffic generation have combined with the power of social media to create a new ecosystem for the adult video industry, one where performers control the entire production cycle of their own content.

We teach people how to succeed in this new landscape and offer broad management services to help performers increase their capabilities, produce more content, and make more money. Most of our performers work solo throughout their career. Some don’t.

The scope of our work

adult video chat

Adult Video Chat

The main business all of our performers work in is adult video chat, some people call this webcam modeling. It’s where a lot of the money is in porn now (multiple billions of dollars per year are spent on cam sites). It’s also something you can start making money with on day one, zero startup costs. $58/hr was the average hourly rate earned by our cam models last year. We know what we’re doing.


Content Production Management

We work with a handful of performers on their non-live content. Our team can take the raw content a performer creates, edit it, and turn it into professional quality production ready content - which we’ll upload to the appropriate sites after the performer approves it for release.


A ‘Just What You Need’ Management Deal.

When we analyze a potential new client we do a lot of research to come up with an honest and accurate answer to the question, “Can we create value for them?” If we don’t think the answer is yes, we don’t proceed. If we do think the answer is yes, we explain exactly why and how we think we can create value. If both sides agree, we proceed. To put this plainly, if someone isn’t going to make more money working with Pandora than they would otherwise, we don’t encourage them to work with Pandora. We want any dollar we ever make from you being our client to be paired with at least 3 or 4 dollars, preferably 10, that you make as a direct result of the services we provide.

In some cases, we make a full scope management agreement where we handle everything for the performer, A to Z. In other cases, they say, “I’m good with A-X, but I could use someone to handle Y, and Z, can you do just those?” So we make a deal for us to handle Y and Z. We can handle one thing, everything, or anything in between.

Our financial interest is simply to be compensated in equitable proportion to the value we provide. We model our fee structures from non-adult entertainment managers, with standard deal types coming in at 10-15% of the backend earnings. We make all of our financial interests completely transparent, agree on terms up front, never ask for payment upfront. We give people as much time as they need to decide on working with us and we don’t lock performers into exclusive contracts.