9 Skills You Learned As An Adult Video Model

"...but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career." - Liam Neeson's character in Taken. 


1. Talking to strangers 

This is self-evidently the primary thing any model is doing. Hour by hour, day by day, models are online talking to complete strangers. Some of whom they will get to know more intimately, many of whom they will not. At the end of a career, a model will have had significant interactions with tens of thousands of people in their public chatrooms and hundreds or perhaps thousands of live video chat interactions in a very high pressure and intimate setting (private shows). 

You always hear that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying. While we doubt this is true anymore, adult models have demonstrated a superior ability to conquer this fear. 

2. Selling Yourself 

One of the first major lessons a model learns in their career is that looks aren't everything. This is kind of a secret. We don't want to say it too publicly because we don't want to give the completely false impression that looks are not overwhelmingly important. But the reality is that adult video chat models need to be "sufficiently attractive." Beyond that, the battle for customers' hearts and minds is a personality game. There's no single personality trait that guarantees success, but we're always coming back to the immortal words of Thelonious Monk, "A genius is the one most like himself." The models that are able to express their authentic selves on cam tend to win. 

This has the unintended consequence of making you magnetic to other people. Plenty of our models have gone on to successful jobs that they weren't traditionally "qualified for" simply because they're compelling enough individuals that people want them in the workplace. 

3. CRM | Customer Relationship Management

We're not being euphemistic with this point. Successful models end up mastering CRM skills. They follow-up constantly with new and old customers alike both offline and online. The basis of the CRM industry is that smart follow-up strategies with customers increase sales. This is a lesson every model learns instinctively. It becomes second nature. And every model knows that when they slack off on it, their sales go down. In a lot of ways it's the easiest skill to implement to increase success as a model. 

But it's not as simple as sending messages and saying hi. Successful CRM is the means by which real, meaningful, lasting connections can be made with clients. How we do it isn't drastically different from how any other business goes about it. 

4. SMM | Social Media Marketing

This has become a ubiquitous part of being a cam model. Those who ignore it do so to their own detriment. Models are interacting with tens of thousands of potential fans per month; smart models convert those fans into Twitter/Instagram followers and massively increase their retention rates and durability of earnings. 

After a few years of doing it every day, you pick things up.

5. General SaleS 

This is very distinct from "selling yourself." This is just sales. Once a model has reached a sufficient level of comfort with the work, they start to see how the whole business process works. They see how a certain Tweet increases their earnings later that night. They learn the mechanisms that get people to spend money and how to influence them. They also get over the fear of asking for the sale. 

6. Self-Management 

Every model that succeeds gets good at self management. While Pandora is a management agency, that doesn't mean the traditional sense of an office manager or boss. It means the same thing as music/entertainment managers. We represent models' interests in their careers. Overall, our task is to help get the best performance and results from an individual model. The models make all of the decisions about their schedules and individual work habits. 

The model that succeeds at this, succeeds overall. Models that struggle to adopt a regular schedule never get past sub-par results and thus are likely not going to have to think about conscious retirement. 

7. Staging 

This is an overlooked skillset that a lot of models have. Over time, you learn that there is a right color for bedsheets. A right wattage for light bulbs. A right placement of flowers. Neat, tidy, bright rooms attract more users. And if you look at the best models' rooms, it often looks like a portrait out of an interior decor magazine. Why? Because doing that makes them an extra $9/hr and that adds up. 

Models tend to be obsessive about this. And it's a good trait to have. 

8. Creativity 

It is difficult to overestimate how creative the work of an adult video chat model is and must be. When a model falls into a routine and becomes uncreative, their results go down. The biggest source of burnouts for models is losing the creative spark they had early on and starting to see every day as the same endless grind. 

There's always a new place to take things. Every new customer is a unique human being that you can get to know, learn about, and find interesting ways to delight. Every broadcast is a chance to try something new and improve your game.

The best models are highly creative and they sustain that creativity as they move through their careers. It's really hard to do. It's the war of art. But successful models win the war day after day.


Adult video chat models know how to sit in front of camera and speak. Watch out Fox News.