Chapter List

  1. How to become a webcam model.

  2. How to come up with a stage name.

  3. Forms: Intake, 2257, W9, 1099, and what they mean.

  4. ID: Acceptable forms of identification for age verification.

  5. Pictures: What all you need and how to take them.

  6. How to set up your payment information.

  7. How to set up your model profile.

  8. How to start your first broadcast.

How to choose a stage name.

Your stage name is your identity as a cam model. It is who all of your fans are going to know you as. Within a few months of camming, your real name will likely become a distant memory after you get used to hundreds of customers per day (and everyone at Pandora) calling you by your stage name. That being the case, your stage name is, to put it mildly, important.

Flirt4Free is uniquely smart in requiring models to use real-sounding names (generally with a first and last name). Using a real name creates a realistic persona, it’s something customers can remember and think about later, it’s good branding. Think Facebook, not Twitter. Alex Pierce = good stage name. SexyLover5000 = for sure cool, but less good. Camming is about creating personal connections with customers. Personal connections need real names.

It’s also required that your stage name not contain any part of your real-name, including middle name. Privacy is important. You don’t want any association between your real name and your stage name on your profile.

The last main consideration is to not use that names of any well-known performers in the industry, or celebrities/known public figures. You aren’t any of those people. No one is going to think you are any of those people. People will be confused why you call yourself one of those people. Just make up your own name (or ask us to do it for you).