Prerequisite: For this guide to work, you must have the Flirt4Free Performer Application installed on your device.
Prerequisite: To install the Flirt4Free Performer Application you must have an active model record on Flirt4Free. We can help with that.

Note: Please follow these steps IN ORDER. Particularly, starting with step 1. If you skip step 1, all subsequent steps will be an exercise in futility.

Stage one: A user visits the site.

600,000 or more times per day, every day, this part of the conversion process occurs. The architecture that exists to cause this to happen is worth appreciating. Flirt4Free our network partners have built a vast array of affiliate partnerships with thousands of unique companies that result in links, banners, and other advertising material being displayed on a ton of high traffic websites. The users of those sites, now and then, click on one of those links and end up at Flirt4Free. This is just one of the many different traffic funnels that are in place. From partnerships with other adult companies who host their own white label skins of Flirt4Free to bought media slots on different outlets, there is a war of advertising in the cam world, and Flirt4Free is winning.

Stage Two: A user visits a live chatroom.

Many of the first time visitors to the site automatically land in a models chatroom, as long ago it was learned that that leads to higher conversion rates. But in some cases, they hit the home page, and either decide to leave the site, or visit a chatroom. This is the first bounce opportunity, where a user can exit out of the site and be gone forever. A large group of the total users do bounce, spending less than 2 seconds on the site. Some visit a chatroom, and an opportunity for magic stays alive.

Stage Three: A user engages in a live chatroom.

Engages, in this context, simply means “stays for a bit”. Spending at least 20-30 seconds looking at the model. If the user types to the model that is a more significant engagement.

Stage Four:


Stage Five:


Stage Six:


Stage Seven:


Stage Eight:


Stage Nine: